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NetCrunch is licensed per number of monitored nodes and number of concurrent remote connections to the NetCrunch server (via remote consoles). Unlike other products for network monitoring, NetCrunch does not limit the number of basic parameters (network services, performance counters, and interfaces) that can be monitored on particular nodes.

Notifications can be delivered in multiple ways (e-mail, text message/ SMS, etc). NetCrunch can remotely execute programs or scripts on all supported systems; it can set SNMP parameters and perform many other actions.

 The latest NetCrunch version supports VMware ESX/ESXi v4/v5, Apache web server monitoring, as well as flow source devices using IPFix, NetFlow (v5 & v9), JFlow, netStream, CFlow, AppFlow, and rFlow protocols.

 For most popular applications like MS SQL and Exchange, NetCrunch offers predefined monitoring sets of rules (Monitoring Packs). It automatically creates physical and logical (routing) network maps based on data read from switches and routers.

NetCrunch does not need any agents to be installed. It uses SNMP v1-3 for managing most network devices (switches, printers, UPSes, etc.). Operating systems like Linux, BSD and Mac OS X are remotely monitored via SSH. Software comes with embedded SQL event database for storing events generated by NetCrunch as well as events collected from SNMP devices, syslog and Windows Event Log (WMI). Additionally, NetCrunch supports monitoring over 60 various network services (Ping, HTTP, SSH, FTP, etc.).

You can browse your network status from any place using NetCrunch Web Console via HTTP/S. Access rights can be easily restricted to particular views and operations in NetCrunch, and console user accounts can be integrated with Active Directory. For configuration management you need the administration console though.

Additional Mobile Client is designed for convenient access from modern phones and tablets (iOS, Android, Blackberry) that support HTML5 technologies.

Access from anywhere

NetCrunch remote administration console can be installed on any Windows machine (Vista or later). Windows 7 or newer is
recommended however. Large screen is required with 32-bit color support. For the best experience, we recommend full HD monitor - plasma screen would also be a great companion. Decent notebook with 13” screen and Windows 7 or 8 will run console smoothly.


NetCrunch must be installed on the Windows Server (Windows 2008 R2, Windows 2012 R2). It comes with its own web server and embedded SQL database for storing monitoring events data.NetCrunch can be installed on virtual machine, provided you assign it at least 4 processors and 1 GB RAM.

Monitoring Server

The NetCrunch as  AdremSoft flagship product allows IT administrators, and Network Managers, to effectively monitor, and analyze network performance, and problems across the enterprise, thus reducing down time and increasing network owner ROI with minimal network overhead, by providing automatic insights to Network related issues, and generating alerts when anomalies occur in the network.

Netcrunch, understands Network Management

NetCrunch,  Designed to manage thousands of network  nodes