Locate all the Wi-Fi access points in your facility.

Mobile Survey includes the industry’s fastest and most reliable  AP finder. Just click on the AP and locate it!

Turn your team into walking Wi-Fi monitors. Mobile Survey can be installed to run periodic Wi-Fi tests on Android phones and tablets. It only warns you when your network fails - and stays silent when everything is OK.

  • Active and passive background tests
  • In case of network failure insufficient performance, alert the user
  • In-depth logging of network errors
  • Minimal battery impact (app is sleeping 90-99% of the time)

Find Access Point

  • Ekahau Site Survey v5.0 or higher required
  • Multi-floor and single-floor projects supported
  • Projects with SVG & bitmap floor plans supported (CAD not supported)
  • Operating System: Android 4.0 or higher
  • Display: 480 x 800px or higher
  • Must allow installation of non-Market applications (unknown sources)
  • Typically found from Settings > Security > Unknown Sources
  • The more RAM and the faster processor the better the user experience
  • Note: 5GHz support is device dependent
  • Supported types: BMP, JPEG, PNG, GIF, SVG
  • 16 megapixels or smaller size recommended

Ekahau Site Survey Integration

  • Network Test
  • Access Point Finder
  • Access Point List
  • Background Monitoring
  • Log
  • Desktop Widget
  • Site Surveys
  • Coverage Analysis Heatmaps and Access Point Status

Mobile Device with

Mobile Survey Key Features

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Map limitations

Ekahau Mobile Survey

Wi-Fi Site surveys - Light and Touch-Enabled

Targeted for IT administrators and Wi-Fi engineers, Ekahau Mobile Survey serves three primary use cases:

Troubleshoot the network on the spot
Monitor the network continuously
Perform map-based site surveys and visualize network coverage

When you need to analyze a wireless network problem, do you still need to get your laptop, boot it up, and wait for the Wi-Fi analysis software to get started? Not any longer.

Ekahau Mobile Survey allows you to pull out the phone from your pocket and start troubleshooting in a matter of seconds.

Active and passive tests: signal strength, data rate, packet loss, packet delay, rogue Aps
Easy-to-read summary and detail views
Requirements: See if your network supports data, voice, location tracking

Mobile Survey Specifications

Wi-Fi Troubleshooting with Active and Passive Testing

Wi-Fi Toolkit for Android Phones and Tablets


Your Wi-Fi needs to work with phones and tablets. Measure using one. As a general rule, laptops have better Wi-Fi antennas than smaller-sized phones and tablets. Ekahau Mobile Survey allows tablet or phone based walk-through surveys. 100% mobile. 100% professional.

  • Quick, touch-enabled walk-through site surveys
  • Wi-Fi signal coverage heatmap analysis
  • Multi-floor support