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C o o l i n g   c on f i g u r a t i on s

Closed architecture

Tecnocooling is mounted on the side of the server rack. Both structures are insulated and closed by blind doors and glass doors.
The air circulates inside in a loop; heat is transferred through water or gas batteries cooled by chillers or by external motor condensing units.


Open architecture

The devices in the rack are cooled by air sucked from environment. Tecnocooling provides the air cooling before putting it back into the environment at the set temperature.

Tecnocooling is a modular refrigeration unit, scalable and energy  efficient.
Tecnocooling summarizes the two fundamental parameters: low power consumption and possibility of use even in presence of extremely high loads. The system can in fact dissipate from 4 up to 32 kW per single unit.
The high cooling capacity is guaranteed by the use of a water chiller or a gas direct expansion system (DX) coupled to a Class A motor condensing  unit.

Coolling can be water or gas based.

The cabling in a complex structure like the Aisle Containment and the need to allow the passage from one cabinet to another and from one side of the corridor to the front side, led to design and develop a special cable coverage called BladeRunner


The Bladeshelter Aisle Containment allows to create a partitioning that separates the cold air from the hot air in a Data center room and prevents the possibility of mixing between the air flows at different temperatures and a consequent loss of efficiency in conditioning.
The Bladeshelter Aisle Containment is a modular and scalable structure which can be applied to  two  batteries  of  opposing T7 cabinets possibly combined with Tecnocooling sides.
Bladeshelter offers two standard configurations: distance between the doors of opposed cabinets 1000 mm and 1200 mm.
The installation of the Aisle Containment does not require special modifications in the existing infrastructure of the room.
The Aisle Containment developed by Tecnosteel is a structure equipped with all the  necessary accessories to  ensure a perfect insulation of the internal space of the corridor and maintains the maximum separation between  warm air and cold air.
Special vertical profiles applied at the base of the cabinets, panels in plexy glass for covering the corridor and  the special cable management system called BladeRunner ensure the achievement of maximum energy efficiency.
Sliding doors are opening automatic(by means of a radar) or semi‑automatic.

This is the brand that identifies the Tecnosteel products line specifically designed to achieve energy-efficient data centers, even with high thermal loads.

The concept of “Green Data center” is extending to all companies in which the growing demand for energy makes strictly necessary to optimize the costs related to it. The conditioning of data center requires an electricity amount which easily exceeds 30% of the Company consumption. It is a must to look for  new solutions, both in terms of new equipements and architectural arrangement of data center.

Tecnosteel, with the new brand Bladeshelter specifically developed for offering a whole solution and a complete range of products, has both a new conditioning system, the Tecnocooling, and an air containment structure, called Aisle Containment, with which is possible to have a safe separation between cold and hot air.