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Knoxfield VIC 3180 AU

Setting minimum and maximum load per each socket
Setting minimum and maximum temperature and humidity
Programmable sound alarm
Programmable E‑mail Alert

Total input current
Current consumption for single socket
State of single socket
State of ActiPower
Temperature and humidity
Presence of smoke
Presence of water or liquid
Opening doors

Sending alerts through SNMP standard
Overload alarm
Presence of smoke alarms
Water alarm
Doors or panels opening alarm
Log of alarms

Controls (depending on the version)
Power on/off sockets (all)
Programmable sockets sequential switching on
Single socket power on/off

Actipower is an advanced unit for distribution and power control of servers installed in rack cabinets. Actipower is also the only unit of distribution of power supply that allows control of both the electric variables and the micro environment ones.

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